Joshua Citarella x New Models


This episode is being jointly released by Joshua Citarella and New Models following a period of research on the status of cultural institutions and the future of post-Web2 creator communities. A New York based artist, Josh also has a podcast, a Twitch stream, and a Discord community (Josh’s Super Secret Sleeper Cell). He’s been a guest on the New Models podcast twice and joined us last year for a public lecture on Gen-Z’s political identity formation online.

We’re sharing this conversation to let you see behind the scenes of how we are thinking about our respective platforms — and the ecosystem we hope to seed in the coming months.

Relatedly, the conversation comes out of discussions we’ve had with Seth Stolbun, who, this month, is soft-launching Stolbun Institue, a new project from The Stolbun Collection aimed at coordinating cultural content across outlets in the face of an increasingly atomized media landscape.

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